Since 2020, we have been members of the Plav!, water rescue company with dogs.  Every landseer loves water and Imax, of course, too. At the same time, it is a very useful thing, because a trained dog should be able to save a drowning person.

Vodní blázni

Now we are doing water rescue with our landseer crew of "Water Fools" under the leadership of Mr. and Mrs. Mášková, who already do water rescue at a professional level. Thanks to them, Max is now able to handle even more complex tasks, e.g. working with rescue equipment, pulling an abandoned boat to shore, rescuing several people at once, etc.

2020 SEČ dam

2020 LIPNO dam

2021 South Moravia, Vysočina - ponds

2021 LIPNO dam

2022 SEČ dam